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Fast Facts

RevenueN/A    Exact Revenue
Employees10 - 100Exact Company Size
Primary Industry423 Merchant Wholesalers, Durable Goods
Additional NAICS Codes31491 Textile Bag & Canvas Mills
Address1325 Helena Ave
Helena, MT 59601
Note: Revenues for privately held companies are statistical evaluations.

Helena Industries's Business Operations Profile shows critical firmographic facts:
  • What is the company's size? (Revenue and employees)
  • What industry is the company in?

Recession Risk

Determine whether Helena Industries grew or shrank during the last recession. This is useful in estimating the financial strength and credit risk of the company. Compare how recession-proof Helena Industries is relative to the industry overall. While a new recession may strike a particular industry, measuring the industry and company's robustness during the last recession estimates its ability to weather future recessions.

Market Share of Competition: Helena Industries vs. Largest Competitors

A competitive analysis shows these companies are in the same general field as Helena Industries, even though they may not compete head-to-head. These are the largest companies by revenue. However, they may not have the largest market share in this industry if they have diversified into other business lines. The "Competition" section of a business plan or investment memorandum would start by analyzing the information about these companies. Competitive advantage comes from offering better pricing or superior products/service.

Company HeadquartersRevenue ($ MM)
TECH DATAClearwater, FL69 
ROBERT BOSCHBroadview, IL58 
TBCPalm Beach Gardens, FL38 

Nearby Competitors

These companies are similar in business line and location to Helena Industries. While some companies compete with neighboring businesses for customers, other companies may compete to attract skilled employees.

Company HeadquartersRevenue ($ MM)
MD LUCETownsend, MT100 

Fastest Growing Competitors

These companies are in the same general field as Helena Industries and are rapidly expanding. Companies may grow organically or through acquisition. In some cases apparently high growth rates may be caused by data that weren't available in previous years.

CompanyRevenue ($ MM)
Helena Industries Competitors