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Private Equity Solutions

Origination & Deal Sourcing

Imagine coming up with a new acquisition idea based on five minutes of research. We take a different approach to deal sourcing. You can, of course, download the full list of X companies in X Y Z industries. However, we can also connect the dots within our databases to find companies that subtlely relate to one another.

Due Diligence

Are you struggling trying to repurpose the typical "sales lead" database for market research and due diligence?

IncFact builds its databases specifically for the strategy and investment professional. Our research features
  • Revenues and revenue histories for private companies
  • Growth rates for private companies
  • Industry Segments (i.e., NAICS definitions)
  • SWOT Analysis on demand

About IncFact

IncFact is a next-generation research company that uses "Big Data" analysis to complete comprehensive profiles on 2.9 million private companies in the U.S.

We have been developing our research since 2010, and supply exclusive corporations, private equity firms, and hedge funds with data that cannot be obtained from traditional list companies.

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Reports Included 10 reports / month As required
Price $199 / month $1,199 / month Contact us
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2.9 Million Company Profiles X X X
Revenue X X X
Growth X X X
Marketing/IP X X X
Competition X X X
SWOT Analysis - X X
Watch Lists X X X
Advanced Search - - X
14-Day Money Back Guarantee X X X

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